Target Industries

Target Industries

Graves County’s unique business environment makes it a perfect fit for many industries.

Advanced Manufacturing

With three engineering schools (Murray State University, University of Kentucky & University of Tennessee at Martin) located within 35 minutes of Graves County, we have the ability to quickly train future employees in a variety of advanced manufacturing fields.

Graves County is also the home of the Skilled Craft Training Center, a 60,000 sq. ft. center in the Hickory Industrial Park that can be modified to fit the training needs of almost any industry.  The center is operated by West Kentucky Community and Technical College, one of the top community colleges in the United States.

Several area technology centers situated throughout the region provide a pipeline of trained employees out of high school.  These students have the opportunity through the Kentucky Fame program to earn a degree in advanced manufacturing at the Skilled Craft Training Center while working full-time. 

Air Compressor Manufacturing & Service

Some of the biggest names in the air compressor manufacturing industry are produced or serviced in Graves County, making us known worldwide for superior air compressor manufacturing and service.

Combine the experience we already possess in the industry with several successful local machine manufacturers and a world-class technical college program and Graves County has the environment necessary for a successful future for air compressor manufacturing and service companies.

The air compressor industry is made up of companies that manufacture or service air and gas compressors such as reciprocating compressors, centrifugal compressors and vacuum pumps.

Transportation Related Manufacturing

Planes, trains and automobiles – if you can drive it, we can produce it in Graves County. Kentucky ranks among the top producers of automobiles in the nation and we capitalize on that experienced and skilled workforce in Graves County. As well, we are currently home to a manufacturing facility for one of the largest providers of rail and transit products and services in North America.

An underlying asset for our community is the presence of a strong community and technical college program that continually works with current businesses and industries to develop or hone skills that are needed for a successful workforce well into the future.

A workforce that is skilled and experienced already combined with the potential to grow those skills well into the future means that your company’s future is secure in Graves County.

Clay Mining and Related Business

For the clay mining industry, perhaps the largest indicator of a company’s successful future is the availability of high quality natural resources. Western Kentucky features some of the finest reserves of ball clay in the United States.

In addition to mining, companies that utilize ball clay for their products are guaranteed a bright future in Graves County. Pottery, tableware, ceramic tile, art and hobby ceramics as well as pavement sealer are all markets that rely upon accessibility of quality ball clay.

Once clay is mined and clay products are made, they must be shipped throughout the U.S. and the world and Graves County’s location is perfectly positioned for global access by rail, river, air or interstate.

The availability of high quality ball clay and our advantageous location combine to ensure a successful future for your clay mining or clay related industry in Graves County.

Food Processing

The combination of accessibility, available workforce and business incentives makes Mayfield/Graves County a great location for food processing facilities.

There is little doubt that the food and beverage industry is thriving in Kentucky. The success is due, in large part, to the accessibility to raw products available through agriculture. In fact, our state has more than 85,000 farms and nearly              14 million acres of farmland. Not coincidentally, Graves County’s agriculture base is rich and profitable as well making the food industry a natural partner for future success.

Adding to the growth potential and future success of your food processing company is our location, which is perfectly positioned for global access by rail, river, air or interstate.