Vocational & Technical Training

Kentucky Technical Schools Within 60 Miles of Mayfield

Miles Institution Location Sec P/S Total
-- Mayfield/Graves County ATC Mayfield 453 N/A 453
18 Marshall County Technical Center Benton 793 N/A 793
20 Murray/Calloway County ATC Murray 376 N/A 376
23 Paducah ATC Paducah 574 N/A 574
31 Ballard County ATC Barlow 678 N/A 678
32 Fulton County ATC Hickman 295 N/A 295
49 Caldwell County ATC Princeton 370 N/A 370
    Total Enrollments 3,539   3,539

Note: Miles are calculated as straight-line distance; not highway miles. Kentucky Tech secondary schools, called Area Technology Centers (ATC), are operated by the Department of Education, Office of Career and Technical Education. Other secondary schools are operated locally by public school districts. Secondary student enrollment is listed under Sec, and post-secondary student enrollment is listed under P/S. Source: KY Cabinet for Workforce Development; KY Dept. of Education.