Gifted & Talented students partner with GCED for revitalization efforts

Published Monday, March 25, 2019

Written by GCED

Each year the Gifted & Talented Program within The Graves County School System seeks out a project. This year, Heather Burgess, teacher at Graves County Middle School, reached out to GCED and we worked on an idea together to involve all the students from each elementary school and the middle school. From there, each teacher responsible for the individual G&T program at every school got their group together and got to work starting in December. The project was to allow them to have their voices heard. Our organization, along with many others in our community, speak often about how important our students and children are and that we need to listen to them! Today, we did just that. These students were challenged with the task of “revitalizing” different areas in Mayfield. They worked with budgets, renderings and were charged with the task of keeping it reasonable. They presented 3-D renderings, live models and even live commercials! To say that we were impressed is an understatement and I think each student felt empowered and our hope is that they feel like we are listening! Our hope is to be able to make their ideas a reality one day. Local leaders were invited this morning to view each schools presentation. Those in attendance included State Representative Richard Heath and his wife,Ruth Heath, Fiscal Court, The City of Mayfield, local leaders from US Bank, FNB Bank, First Kentucky Bank, GCED and it’s Board of Directors, Mayfield/Graves County Tourism Board, The Chamber of Commerce, Riley Architect and local school officials. Each member of this community should be proud of our school system, our teachers and especially our bright, innovative and forward thinking students. The future is bright in Mayfield and Graves County!

Special thanks to all the wonderful teachers that led this effort- Heather Burgess GCMS, Tiffany Manning- GCMS, Peggy Marler - Fancy Farm, Cassie Orr - Farmington, Sarah Brinkley - Wingo, Shea Brown - Lowes, Heather Stone - Sedalia, Amy Kendall - Central and Holly Veucasovic - Symsonia!

“Our greatest natural resource is in the minds of our children!” - Walter Elias Disney